Our Goal

Our goal is to provide courteous service and respond to your needs in a professional and timely manner.
Please let us know how we can improve our care.

About Our Office

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please do not wait for a return call.
Call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.

Dr. Crews provides family care serving patients ages 14 and up. Our staff provides a team approach to your health care. We provide routine medical care with emphasis on prevention and health improvement.

We provide routine health visits. We are able to provide EKG, PFTs, Holter and many other ancillary services to assist in disease management of chronic illness.

We provide venipuncture (blood draw) for testing ordered in our office as staffing permits and providing those labs provide us with support to perform that service in our office. There a fee associated with blood draws. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you will be responsible for additional charges if your blood is drawn in our office. As noted on the sign in sheet and as per financial policy by consenting to in office blood draw your are responsible for payment for services provided.

Dr. Crews is on staff at Leesburg Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital Waterman. Although Admissions are done by the HOSPITALIST to provide more timely hospital care. Until further notice the Hospitalist will care for your needs while you are an inpatient.

If you are admitted to the hospital or seen by someone else Please have them forward information and Notes of your visit to our office ASAP after being admitted or seen. You can download a medical release under our forms section. This form will provide information on how to forward your care notes for care coordination. It is important that you schedule a follow up appointment in our office to make sure all appropriate follow up is done and so that we can update and refill any new medications. In addition, if you are receiving home health services you will need to schedule a FACE TO FACE appointment in order for us to complete your home health paperwork. Medicare has specific requirement for these services.

Practice Brochure is downloadable from Patient Forms section. We appreciate your referrals.

Flu Shots are recommended but no longer available in our office.

Welcome to the electronic era, we are officially "paperless".

We will continue to update and revalidate your insurance and personal information. WE will ask you to complete additional information at the time of your visit. You will need to SHOW your INSURANCE card at EVERY visit. THIS is a requirement to make sure we have the correct information on file for you.

We continue to have problems contacting patients for follow up and for results. We ask that everyone provide us with at least a work and a home number, in addition we would like your mobile telephone number in case we need to get a hold of you. If you live outside of the area during the summer it is imperative that we have your summer address and phone number in order to notify you if we need to.